Phil Querin Q&A: Accepting Rent From Non-Tenant Occupants

Question:  When can a manager refuse payment by check? If the name on the check does not match the resident’s name can (or should) the check be refused?  Should there be a park rule to back this up? If the manager refuses payment because of the name on the check and asks for a money order or cash, does that have to be in the rules? All of this stems from the concern of unauthorized residents becoming tenants simply because a manager accepts a check for space rent when they are not an approved tenant.


Phil Querin Q&A - Rent Tenders and Non Payment of Rent Evictions

Question:  We have a situation at our park that we have never encountered.  We have been dealing with a resident who has certain complaints against management, and finally withheld his rent.  We just issued a 72-hour notice to him, and after expiration of the 72 hours (plus three days, since we’d mailed the notice to him), we filed an eviction against him in court.  He got an attorney, filed a number of counterclaims against us, and tendered the month’s rent into court. What do we do?

Can You Afford to Keep Utilities Included in Your Rent?

For better than two decades, one of the most significant and unpredictable factors influencing the bottom line of multifamily housing properties has been rising utility costs. This doesn't cause quite as much heartburn for property owners who have wisely passed such utilities through to the residents to pay in addition to their rent. However, for the overwhelming majority of properties, particularly those which were developed prior to the 90's, the rent charged typically includes any combination of utilities including water, sewer, garbage, and to a lesser percentage electricity, natural gas, cable television/satellite, and internet services.