Storage Agreements

Phil Querin Q&A: Home On Storage Agreement is Not Maintained - 3 Day Notice of Non Compliance


Question - A resident moves out of their house but the daughter continues to pay a storage fee and signed a MHCO Storage Agreement.  The home is not being occupied by anyone.  All storage fees are current. However, no one is maintaining the yard or outside of the home.  This is required under the Storage Agreement, and work needs to be performed immediately. The MHCO storage agreement refers to a three (3) day notice in the event of non-compliance.  Does the community owner give a 3-day notice for non-compliance?  If so, what happens next if there is no compliance? Does the landlord file an FED?  Should the landlord stop accepting storage payment?

Phil Querin Q&A: Resident Dies - Administrator Initially Cooperative Turns Ugly

Question:  A resident living alone passed away.  It took some time for the estate to get underway because they had to search for heirs.  An heir was located and was appointed as Administrator to act on behalf of the estate. 


Shortly after the resident’s passing, we began requesting that a Storage Agreement be signed but the estate was hesitant to do so until the Administrator was appointed.  After the appointment the Administrator was initially cooperative, but unexpectedly changed his mind and is now threatening to bring all of the past due rent current, and then, out of spite, tear the home down while still on the space.  Presumably, after doing so, we would expect the Administrator to cease all further space rental payments.  How should we handle this?




Phil Querin Q and A - Home Not Removed - Storage Agreement About To Expire

Question: A community owner entered into a Storage Agreement on a home in early January 2014.  The agreement provides that the home must be removed by November 30th if it does not sell.  We are now approaching the end of November, and the community owner does not believe the home will be sold by the end of this month.  What’s next?  Does the community owner take the homeowner to court?  Doesn't the landlord have to give one year to the home owner? [1]